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BodyFix Massage & Spa Therapies

Relax with Massage for Women & Men

Feminine Healing - Sacred Womb Massage - Whare Tangata Ora

Illuminating the womb is a powerful act that heals deeply rooted, age-old wounds from our ancestors in both female and male conciousness. Healing the sacred womb space through mirimiri massage, energy work and ritual supports the activation of heightened creative energy and restores wellness on a very deep and intimate level as well as supports fertility and hormone balance. When the womb is cleared of its past life energetic imprints, it is restored to its full potential within the body temple. Womb work awakens a woman's innate powers and gifts of creativity and manifestation. A healthy womb space balances internal masculine and feminine energies, creating fertile grounds for rebirth of a new women - whole, unified, present and healed from within. With this power, she holds the crucible container to develop and maintain a heart-centered relationship.

This Healing Therapy can take up to 2 hours @$155, 

This treatment is ideally complimented with the Yoni Fix, as they work hand n hand