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Our Services


Swedish Massage


Long gliding strokes not only bring relaxation , but, increase the level of oxygen & improve blood circulation in your body

$ 60- 30 min

$75- 45 min

$90- 60 min

$140- 90 min

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Deep Tissue Massage


Sustained pressure to muscles

Deep tissue massage is a great stress reliever, reduces pain, lowers blood pressure, rehabilitates injured muscles

$60 - 30 min

$75 - 45 min

$90 - 60 min

$140- 90 min

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Hot Stones Therapy


Hot Stone massage is a wonderful overall relaxation therapy...heated stones are placed over muscles to enhance deeper muscle relaxation, ...the stones can also be used to glide over and to add pressure to muscles & warm the body

$110 - 60 min

$160- 90 min

Include Back Scrub with Hot stone

(Hot Scrub)

$165- 90 min

add facial @$55 add 30 min

(Hot Scrub Indulge)

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Facials are a beautiful relaxing therapy..

We have 3 different masks

Mud, Manuka Honey, Nourishing Cream Mask

All work by detoxifying the skin, improving blood circulation, cleansing impurities and brings beneficial qualities to the skin

$60 - 30 min

$85 - 60 min

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Indulg​ing Body Therapies

Mini Bodyfix - Combination of massage and facial

$115 - 60 min

Luxury Bodyfix -  full body massage & Luxury Facial

$175 - 2 hours

Back Scrub

Backsides massage & scrub under steamer incorporating mud mask over back

$110 - 60 min

include full body massage

$160 - 90 min

Hot Scrub

Hot stone massage & scrub

$165 - 90 mins

Hot Scrub Indulge

adding a 30 min facial to hotscrub

$220 - 2 hours

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