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BodyFix Massage & Spa Therapies

Relax with Massage for Women & Men

Yoni Fix steam healing

"Yoni Fix" aka Herbal Vagi Steaming - up to 45 mins @$55

What is a Yoni steam?

It is an aincient traditional treatment used in many cultures over the world, for the healing benefits of the womens health & well being of her womb & vagi.

How does it work?

Yoni Steaming works by herbs being steeped in hot water; the steam being absorbed into the pelvic floor muscles as well as healing to the exterior tissues of the vagi & throughout the entire body via the bloodstream.

Our herbal infusions help by increasing circulation, revitalize the womb system allowing it to shed old membrane & mucous buildup

Steaming supports the womb to return to her harmonic physical & emotional alignment.

When herbs are steamed in the hot water, the healing oils that contain medicinal properties are then released

Benefits May Include

Reduced menstrual pain, bloating & exhaustion

Improve & increase fertility

Treats uterine fibroids, cysts, hemorrhoids, fatigue, headaches, digestive issues,

Reduce stress, generalized pain,

Speeds healing, & tones the reproductive system after birth

assists with the repair of vaginal tear

Treats vaginal yeast infections

Relieves symptoms of menopause, including dryness or pain during intercourse

Rids the womb of body toxins or stress

What to expect during a Yoni Fix

Upon arrival you will need to fill in a personal consultation form

If you plan to have regular Yoni Steams, this will keep a good history of any changes in your womb & body system

You will be shown to a private room where you will either be alone or with your friends,

we will give you a half gown, you may leave your top on

We have tailor made comfy yoni seats, that sit over our warmers & upon that sits your bowl of steaming herbs

Our lovely therapist will explain the procedure of the therapy to you and leave the room for up to 45 mins

The steaming itself will be approximately 30 mins or less

During this time you will relax to positive healing music, balancing aroma therapies with complimentary herbal teas & reading info about our sacred space

The feeling is ultimately warming to the soul !!!

Checkout our Feminine Healing Therapy, these 2 treatments are a great combination of healing !!!

Yoni Steam Contra indications (please do not have steaming if you have any of the following)


*Have an iud (this may fall out)

*Have an active internal infection

*Cervical, uterine or ovarian inflamation or fever


*Open sores, wounds, blisters, burns present

Herbs used in combination may include...






*Rose Geranium*